Sober Selfies #16 (shirts required, please review rules)

3Y. 10M. 19D.
Going Strong.

Actually struggled a bit on my trip to Cali. Thought about it :thinking: It would be so easy to get shit faced drunk because of this family visit from hell that didn’t turn out the way I expected it. But where would that have got me. No fucking where!!! Instead I’m already over it. It passed. And I still got my loving family even when I don’t agree with them and they all piss me off. And no crushing hangover. And these beautiful flowers.


Way to go Eric - thank you for your inspiration. Yeah - life can’t always be rosy and easy going - thank you for showing us that we can navigate through it sober and come out of it with 0 regrets.

Love the pic -and those flowers are beautiful :heart:
Keep going strong my friend :muscle:


Patiently waiting :wink:


I love this pic :black_heart::white_heart:🩶
Nice contrast to my color. I love the black and white pics. So much easier waiting patiently when we’re sober right?
Tic Toc :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Felt like making a change. No more viking beard. For now……:rofl:


Those flowers are gorgeous! :heart_eyes:
They sure brightened my day. Hope the same for you.


Looking great. Are you almost smiling there?

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Thanks… Lol…an lmost as smile yeah…:wink:

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Thanks Eric…I too love the black and white pics from time to time

What a lovely change having to wait sober…so grateful I was not itching to get outta there and get a fix. They were super behind today so 20 min in waiting room and another 1/2 hour in room… grateful for sobriety and meditation to keep me sane :wink:


Here goes another interview!

I didn’t get the other 2 because I was overqualified apparantly


Best of luck! looking sharp!

Gym o’clock. Again. Let’s do this :+1:🏋‍♂


Cheers Jas :slight_smile:

It was a snap interview, I took a punt on a really well regarded restaurant in town that tbh, I didn’t think would be interested in my experience. They called me today, asked me for an interview within 2 hours and the head chef asked me to come and work the evening if I didn’t mind which of course I did. I shall find out Friday. Would be nice, the head chefs a nice woman and it’s all fresh food, all home made, not a microwave in sight.


1211 days af
Another holiday season comes around where I’m not talking to my mum and this year it might become a permanent change so I’m struggling with that a bit


Sending you strength, protect your sanity first.


Very cool Josh – fingers crossed for you. Homemade and fresh food - :yum: :heart:

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Looking great! Sorry for the struggles - sending you comfort and strength while you deal with this estrangement. :heart:
1211 days AF is awesome!


Thankyou :slight_smile:

Some people may remember about 5 years ago I used to drop pictures and stories of my time in a kitchen I loved working in back then that gave me the ultimate creative flare whilst working - It wont be the same at this place if they decide to take me on from a creative standpoint as they need consistency in their recipes but when the time comes for a menu change, that’s when I will really badger the Head Chef to let me join in the creative fun! Til then, I’ve got music and writing. Also, I really need to learn to paint my nails properly.


Looking very dapper sir.

Thankyou sir!