Sober Time now in my dreams

I just woke from this dream where someone from here had written, “I just came terrifyingly close to picking up, but I thought of you guys!” In the dream I was thinking to myself, omg me too! :smile:


I had one the other night. Major drinking dream, and there were a few faces from here holding bottles and shot glasses.


I had one dream where @yodasteve was at a club drinking but then he was getting sober again and said “never again!” I was sober and thought me too

Wow! I think it was him also in mine! Two names came to mind when I woke and his was one. He’s helping even in dream states!

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I can’t even count how many dreams I’ve had when my TS people show up, pretty cool stuff! Had one just this week actually, lol. We’re really all in it together, the good bad and the weird! :grin:


It’s worked for me irl as well. I found myself in a foul mood just wanting to drink once. And as I was driving to the all night shop I could see, in my mind’s eye, people off of here looking at me.
And yes, Yoda was right at the front of the crowd.
Needless to say I drove straight past.:joy:


That’s some powerful stuff. Wow.
Side note - thankful we don’t have all night shops here.