Sober Trend Giveaway!

Win a Hoodie, T-shirt and Beanie!

Hi All,

I just thought I would let everyone know that Sober Trend is going to have a May giveaway. For those that are interested, there are some really nice things to be won. These are tough times and I know this could cheer someone up if they win.

Sober Trend is giving away THREE Sober Trend products to ONE lucky person! One person will win ALL three products!

X1 Sober Trend Hoodie
X1 Sober Trend T-Shirt
X1 Sober Trend Beanie

The winner can choose these three items in any of Sober Trend’s available colors and designs. The choice is yours!

Step 1: Like Sober Trend’s page on Facebook
Step 2: Follow Sober Trend on Instagram
Step 3: Comment/Tag a friend on the post

The winner will be announced on Friday, 29th of May 2020. You can check out the post on IG or FB for more details.



I’d do it. But I don’t have a sober friend to tag😂 darn it lol, and if I were to tag someone who drinks they would prob hate me haha


Hi Mike,

You can also just leave a comment :slight_smile: