Sober vacation, anyone wanna go? 😎

Planning to go to Peru in September, would be awesome to go in a bigger group or just few. Just a thought but I’m definitely going so if anyone’s up hit me up :wink:

Wicked! Good for you! I went and lived in Oaxaca Mexico last year for 5 months, sober the whole time, and it was amazing. So cool being in foreign lands with a clear mind. Peru is def on my short list of places to visit. Enjoy the trip!!

Note, for transparency … I relapsed after I came back from the trip because I felt like “hey if I’m strong enough to stay clean in that environment (partying surrounded me day and night) for 5 months then I can do some controlled drinking”. And that’s why I’m 4 days sober today. Lesson learned, grateful I made it back.


Good that you’re on the right track again!

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Booze is anywhere you go anyway, try some non alcoholic beer if it’s not a switch for you I drink it all the time and love it