Today I have been sober for 92 days. I have a hard time to this day to make sober connections, sober friends, sober activities. I struggle a lot with trusting people, but feeling lonely because I have nobody to talk too. I don’t even trust my own councelor. It’s a catch 22. Since I’ve graduated impatient and stepped down, we have 30/hr of group weekly. Which is helpful and all besides the fact I’ve been to treatment so many times none of what I hear is new… but I look at it like, as long as i take home one thing from today thata good enough. I so badly would love a solid support network. I’m 28/yr old (female) && I live @ Transitions Recovery in St.Paul, Minnesota. I’ve been living in Minneapolis now for 11 years but I have never had sober friends. The longest sobriety I’ve ever had was 4 1/2 months, which I relapsed again Mid June of this year. I’m not a fan of meetings but I go to them sometimes, anyway. I just got out of a nasty relationship which is still being dragged thru the mud, just getting out of it. So that and a lot of embarrassment, shame, sadness, not feeling accepted, and anxiety are big struggles of mine. Including negative self-talk. I’m used to blocking out my emotions so 92 days of feeling (everything) has been alot for me. I’ve just lately started going back to the gym, not full time yet. I can’t work because of the program I’m in. I’d have to move into one of their halfways to be able to work. The only friends I have throughout the group are 3 guys. But 2 of them hit on me constantly, but I’m able to remain friends with them still. 1 of them is very respectful but is busy alot. It’s a co-ed here btw. Just the sense of urge to meet new people but having a hard time…


Welcome! I think you’ll find a great support group here. Read the posts, reach out for help when needed, and post when you want.

Glad you’re here and badass on 92 days. Please be kind to yourself and remember-- that thing between our ears will sell BS. Sober lady network is waiting for you at the ladies meeting… you don’t have to go all the time, but it’ll help you with a sober support system other than the 3 amigos. Again, great work on staying the course!