Sobriety , Day 1 .... again 😔

Tonight is day 1.
Ive tried so fucking hard to not give in and live my best life.
I was doing good for a few months, however Ive self sabotaged my progress.
I know i can do better but idk i just feel better lately when i have a few beers.
I have looked into talking to a therapist or a psychologist about life but am on multiple waiting lists.
I have looked into AA , however they are all in Churches and im not a religious individual.


So how good do you feel now?

If you stand in a garage it doesn’t make you a car.
Churches may often provide the space for AA meetings, but you do not in any way need to be religious. If that’s all that’s stopping you from going and possibly getting the best help you ever will (and for free) then let it stop you no longer.
AA is soooo varied and accommodating that if one meeting group doesn’t resonate with you then try another. You will find your tribe if you want it.


Welcome to the community :raising_hand_woman:
Take time to read through posts here about others experiences :slightly_smiling_face: it can really help :sunflower:


Self sabotage is directy linked to low self esteem…if you held yourself in high esteem you would know you deserve a better way of living…my advice is to do some reading around about self esteem and some online workbooks while you wait for some therapy


Yep I know a guy who is a card carrying athiest who has been sober for almost a decade.

His higher power exists but it is not religious or God.


There are plenty of online AA meetings including the 24 hour international marathon meeting which as the name suggests is always there.

I dislike formal religion (though religious buildings are often wonderful places to visit) but have never found AA in a religious building particularly difficult.

If you want to maintain sobriety, you have to be willing to work for it. I work hard at my sobriety these days and I still have WAY more free time and energy than when I was a drunk.


SMART Recovery meetings are science/evidence based, offered online and in person. May suit you?

It was Day 1 for me (again) a few days ago. The little setbacks can only make us stronger and more determined to succeed.

Listing what you won’t do is not an effective strategy to get sober - believe me I tried.

AA meetings are held where they can get a good price on rent. We have one here in the back of an auto repair shop, others at recovery centers. AA is going to sound religious, but that is the lens the program was using back in 1935. Around here, we talk about spirituality in terms of connection to a greater whole. Could be nature, or the AA group or the stars, Buddha, whatever. The Higher Power is just that for me - a power beyond me that helps me stay sober. When I got started, it was the Department of Corrections. They told me where to go and when and they helped me stay sober.

Are you done with drinking? Are you willing to do anything at all to get and stay sober?