Sobriety DAY or DATE?

Hi all,

Would a sobriety anniversary date be the actual DAY you got sober, I.e. If I got sober on Christmas, would my anniversary be the following Christmas, or is it the actual DATE on the calendar?

Thank you.


Hi Lee, there has been some discussion on this topic before, and the opinions differ. My take is this: I finished my last drink at 11:30 pm on June 7th 2019. I started my counter June 8th at midnight. So I celebrated my first soberversary June 8th 2020.

Some argue that I was still under the influence that midnight in 2017. Which is true. For me it’s fine though, I surely didn’t have a drink since that time, there and then I had no breathalyzer at my disposal and after all it’s just a date. One day at a time for all of us.


My first day sober was September 19th so I celebrate on that date every year, including leap year. I find it easier to remember a date rather than the number of days.