Sobriety in the LGBTQIA+ community

I didn’t see a recent thread on this topic, so I wanted to create a space for those of us in the alphabet mafia to talk about addiction and sobriety from our unique perspective!

Everybody has their own struggles and obstacles on the path to recovery, but we can certainly face many additional issues unique to our identity.

Feel free to share whatever you need to get off your chest! Ask questions, vent, whatever – but most of all, be heard :heart::transgender_flag::rainbow_flag:


Welcome to the forum, @Sasha_D ! I’m glad you started this thread, there are a lot of lgbtq folks suffering from addictions indeed. It was the main reason for me to start using alcohol as an escape for sure. Needless to say it didn’t solve my problems, just made me unable to handle them. Living sober I got a chance to face my issues. It’s still not easy to deal with my shame and remorse and others’ rejection, but it gets better by time and work.