Sobriety is Amazing

Today im 2363 days sober from Alcohol…243 days sober from marijuana…and 188 days sober from Meth… I am loving my Sober Life … I thank God for my sobriety daily…


I have 4 years of meth, that is a very dangerous drug to mess with. Congrats on giving it up for good.


Thank you so very much…

Congrats to you as well

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You are doing a great job of choosing a better life. Good job keep at it


Congrats! Keep up the awesome work!


Thank you very much.

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Thank you means a lot to me…

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Wow. Good for you. What’s the secret to your sobriety?

I don’t really have a secret 6 in a half years ago I was hospitalized for severe pancreatitis due to drinking a 30 pk of beer or more daily for almost 5 straight years…after a month in the hospital I was done with drinking…and for weed and meth I was just tired of it…I was sick of being a person i didnt want to be. I plead into drug court and go to NA n AA meetings 4 meetings a week and I am a better person today than I ever have been because of those meetings .but I know without my higher power of GOD i would not have my sobriety. So i give him all my glory…


A very inspiring story. Thanks for sharing. I wrote about my experiences with alcohol in a novel that will br published in two weeks. It’s comedy about substance abuse.

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good to hear your doing well AA saved my life to gave me a new one to live like you i go to meets and sponsor today