Sobriety Journal

I’ve mentioned starting a sobriety journal in the past. For anyone who hasn’t heard of used this great tool…I can’t recommend it enough. It helps you keep busy and focused when you are struggling, having written and visual reminders as to why you are living this new sober lifestyle, and you can look back to see your progress. You can go about this any way you choose…it’s a creative release. Some people write their thoughts and feelings like a diary, others write down major events. Do what works best for you. In mine (I use a plain spiral notebook); I make lists to questions, write letters, jot down favorite quotes or wisdom I’ve heard, paste inspirational photos and collage…I keep mine upbeat and positive for when I need it to go back to when struggling. Do yourself a favor and try it out…it’s therapeutic.


More ideas…

*2 full pages of what you are grateful for (doesn’t have to be done all at once)

*Sobriety bucketlist (nothing is off limits…dream)

*Reasons why you shouldn’t drink/use

*A goodbye letter to your toxic and abusive ex (alcohol, drugs, doc, etc)

*Things you used to enjoy (hobbies, activities, foods, movies, music, places, etc) Do them again

*What you’d like to accomplish in sobriety (education, travel, volunteer, inner growth, spirituality, a class, a new hobby, etc)

*Why you want to be sober

*A love letter to the new, sober you (compassion, forgiveness, self-care, etc)

*Inspirational quotes and pictures

*Great advice you’ve seen or heard

*Uplifting music, movies, books in sobriety

*List of trusted people you can contact

*Self-care techniques (hot shower, cup of tea, naps, walks, meetings, meditation, daily readings, etc)

*List of hurdles, struggles you’ve overcome
*Things you’ve accomplished so far


Thanks for all the great tips and ideas to work through this process.
Day 4 sober, some of these tips feel scary. When just trying to get trough one day at a time.
Where is the best place to start?
I do love this app and hearing everyone’s stories.

Thanks again


Start your journal…go pick one out…can be anything and do the list I created , starting with the ones you’re most comfortable with. This will get you out of obsessive thinking in early sobriety. Focus on the positive. Some are uncomfortable because we are facing our truth without numbing our feeling. Go easy…it’s a process without a finish line. There’s no such thing as perfection. Make sure your needs are taken care of (nutrition, rest, exercise, recovery)
Then, consider a recovery program like AA or smart.
We have a ton of resources available that will help you build a solid foundation.
Also, I highly recommend The Recovery Book (you can order it on Amazon)

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Is it normal to get bored of the journal? I used to do it daily and now I’m like, meh. Maybe it’s meant to be more helpful in the beginning?

Maybe add new things…I don’t do mine everyday, I don’t write in it like a diary format…I make lists…creative ideas, where I want to go, dreams, aspirations, etc

Is this from the Recovey Book?

No its not. The Recovery Book covers sobriety resources and information. It’s like the bible for recovery. Doing a sobriety journal is an addition to your sobriety that has worked for me and many others. Using multiple tools for your sobriety toolbox makes for a personally catered recovery.


Good work on getting started with the journal @Melrm. I’m a good believer of that as well. It really helps a lot. Plus, it gets ourselves and others to get a clear picture of how recovery is being demonstrated in our lives.

I have about 6 full journals from all the stuff I’ve accumulated (6 previous years of sobriety and now)

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I hear ya! Sometimes that happens to me when I journal. Once I decided to go back and annotate an old journal. It was cool to read through my old thoughts and makes notes on much growth has happened. Sometimes I even black out pages or collage over them. It ends up having a cool effect.


I like this. I opened up a journal just today that I thought was blank to start journaling, more freestyle, but I LOVE the list you put together. Oddly, the first and only entry was from a year and 2 weeks ago with the exact same issues/feeling/complaints/struggles I was feeling today. Talk about seeing the past. I can happily add that I’m sober now, and I think I’ll get started on this list now, too. It’s just funny (actually shocking/startling) to me that it’s taken almost a year to finally start fixing things.