Sobriety task

Hey i made it through a risky situation it was a close call any encouragment much needed


Welcome to the forum. I’d like to hear more about your journey, your close call, and how you overcame it.


So i just was visiting friends and they dont know om recently sober they all had the idea to use and i almost followed along i backtracked separated myself and went home to regroup myself i got really badly triggered and the thought to throw everything away crossed my mind


I am in a drug and alcohol treatment i have been sober since 11/3/22 my drug of choice is alcohol and weed i want success so bad i have to give those things up


Thank you so much for sharing. You are in the right place. There is so much wisdom here. I hope you spend a lot of time reading and getting to know the people on here.

This forum has people from all over the World from zero days to decades sober. Dig in!


Thankyou!keep after it you got this

I think you did a hell of a job getting out of there and protecting your sobriety, since that’s what you really want. Maybe let your friends know that you’re sober now. At least you’ll know if they’ll support you and maybe not use in front of you or they won’t and you’ll know what situations you have to avoid next te. :wave::+1:

Ah thankyou! Yeah just sometimes im not that close with people i gotta be more wise they say you gotta be selfish in your recovery i gotta spend more time improving by myself before i get caught up

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Well done. Risky situations in sobriety can happen on Day 1, Day 100, Day 1,000 and even Day 10,000 etc.

The part that counts is that we make it through them sober. This also helps you in not blaming your abuse of alcohol on someone else or the whole ‘Well relapses are just a normal part of sobriety’ bullshit.



Yeah it falls on responsibility and being acountable

Your right it is a selfish program, very selfish, the only things that count are your sobriety and your wellbeing, anything that does or could negatively effect either must be kicked into touch.
It’s only when you’re well grounded and confident that you’re r working the program to the very best of your ability that you can maybe be a little less selfish maybe, but your sobriety must always come first or you will fail.
Being selfish in this sense does not mean that you can’t give back to the fellowship in meetings and by supporting fellow alcoholics, you can also help your community, but, you must thoroughly think things through before you commit to them, don’t risk or gamble on your sobriety.
Only bet on a sure thing, the returns may not be massive, but, there will be returns and they will mount up.
Always remember, it only works if you work it, stay focused and stay sober and most of all try and stay relatively happy or sane at least!
Take care :smiling_imp: :innocent: :sunglasses:

Thanks a stable mental health is always the aim

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