Sobriety times

1year 8 months off drugs / 73 days off alcohol


66.68 days as of now. A world apart from who I was.


133 days alcohol free


6,323,616 seconds and ticking off alcohol lol


Anita how many seconds???

11491200 lol

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Wow man. Have you been in the Program before? I ask cuz you have always very wise words for people. I always enjoy reading your response. Thanks for being here for us:)

Day 389 over here:)


8.8 days, no drugs. Freakin hard.


What’s your clean date, I think we are pretty close to each other?

Nov 14, 2017

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Nov 2, 2017 for me. We are almost twins! Keep up the good work!

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Haha Thanks! You too!!!

I’ve been through IOP more than once and AA years ago. I graduated IOP, satisfied work and figured I was “cured”. Made every excuse in the book to stop going to meetings and “celebrated” at 6 months. Fell right back into the swing of daily drinking and hating myself/life. I’ve white knuckled it a few times and had months here and there, but nothing like this experience.

I’d recommend IOP to anyone willing to try, counselor who runs my group is inventive and proactive. I continuously listen and absorb instead of bide my time like I did before.

I’m one of those “too smart for my own good” alcoholics, different approach this time around. Life saving, life changing.