Sobriety Update

So it’s been about four months since I’ve posted here. Despite being in recovery for four months, I only just realized how powerless I am to my addiction. I took about 2 and a half months of weekly relapses to realize this. I thought I knew I was powerless, but I was still too prideful to admit that maybe I needed help from others or needed more restriction. I finally caved and got a flip phone with no social media or internet access. On top of this, I’ve decided to fill my day only with productive reading of scripture and books related to it and also spending time in my community and with those I love. It is proving pretty easyish so far, but I’m still working on many facets of my recovery very diligently and it requires a lot of my attention lolol. Anyway this is just a quick little entry to help keep me on track. Keep up the good work y’all !!