Some real drinking consequences

Caution: This is going to be a bit gross, yet true.

I was looking at a crimescene clean up page earlier that popped up in my instagram filter. Not sure why some humans have a fascination with crime scenes but we do.Anywho,this page is where they show you after the bodies are taken away and what they see afterwards and a few were caused by drinking.
Literally one persons insides were melting from drinking too much over the years and they had bled out in bed out of both ends…This scared the crap out of me.
We are literally poisening ourselves and if we dont pass away from that there are other ways our addiction will take us.
I dont mean to scare anyone into sobriety, but it definetly put a scary persepective on the reality and consequences of addiction.
Today is Day 98. 1 day and a half from triple digits. Everyday I think about drinking even though I know the consequences and after seeing that, It makes me feel a bit of insanity for thinking about drinking again.

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We do Hurt our body With our addictions. Its a very dangerous think we have done. IT should be more brought up in the Day. Not only our familys get destroyed in every possible ways. The body always takes the hit first. We had sessions about it at the clinic. I find it very helpful and One of my Main cause to not drink or use anything again

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@Cobaltchris yeah its amazing how the urge to drink can block out alot of truths about drinking.
I worry alot that if I choose to pick up a drink it will be my last drink, or it will be the beginning of the end for me. It really could be that dramatic of an outcome.No exaggeration necessary.

Its a VERY very good reason not to drink.

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IT sure is . I keep tell my self not to use anything ever again . If i take one i end up dead and leave my family in a greay area of the question of why … IT would destroye them for the rest of their life .