Some things get easier

My parents live 1500 miles away. I have always struggled calling them. I guess I figured they could sense I was an alcoholic, thus a disappointment. My parents are wonderful human beings, and I love them with all of my heart. They have always had to initiate the calls.

Today was different, I had no problem picking up the phone. This thought will help keep me sober today


I had a lot of anger and used it as a wall or barrier to my biggest supporter ever, my Mom. She had me involuntarily commited to a psych ward after my last dust up. I was consumed with rage and blame. I sent a simple “I love you” text a few weeks ago and made some amends, amazing how much it heals us as well as mends broken relationships with people we care about and love.

Good work dude, one day at a time, making the right choices right now and moving from our past behavior is what it’s all about.


You have the best responses! Thank you!


Great job! Days like today help you remember why not to pick up the drink!

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Nothings worth picking up over, just compounds the situation and makes it worse. I’m glad I can be of service, helping others helps me a lot. Being a positive person wasn’t my MO for a long time.

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