Sorry I need to vent

So- I’ve just had an iPad screen replacement at a local shop in the town which cost £40 (the screen was cracked)

When I walked away the screen was fine but when I went to put the case back on the screen cracked again in the corner and it’s now moved towards the centre. I didn’t use any excessive force on the screen so it’s obviously been fitted incorrectly…

The shop won’t accept any liability and stated it was fine when I left the shop and I could have dropped it and broken it (which I haven’t)
The two lads who work / own it aren’t very understanding / helpful and even caught one smirking when I first brought it back

This is where I’m struggling. What do I do next?

  1. I want to go in the shop and cause hell smashing up them and the shop (sorry if this offends anybody but this is how I feel)
  2. I write to Trading standards and give them bad reviews on all social platforms
  3. I cut my losses and forget about the whole thing and think Karma will bite them

Any other ideas?

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Goat Voats for 3.

Even justified anger is poison for us.


This is the first time I’ve had major anger or resentment towards somebody I’m not close too while I’ve been working the steps

It’s hard because my human reaction / instinct is always fight when I’m enraged.

This is why I need to talk about it :grinning: thanks



Honestly, anger is not evil in and of itself. But it is like a burning ember. If it is not snuffed out, it can turn into a raging fire.

For me it is a call to understanding. If I am angry, what am I angry about? And so down the line until I get to the cause. I find that once I ask that first question – my anger starts to dissipate.


Did you pay with plastic? I’d call the plastic provider and dispute the charge.


Old Nat would do number 1 ! All day long … now as mad as it sounds id try my best to work my step 10 … inventory… Try and take a step away from the situation have you got a sponsor or trusted soba friend you can rant to ? Your doing great by sharing on here but maybe you could let some steam off face to face or on the phone x


i would leave them honest reviews on social / yelp. they might write back saying they’ll have you back in for a free fix to save their ass when other people see your review.


I mean if you were to take the emotions out of it then if you don’t think you got what you paid for then take that path or let it go per The Goat.


Personally I would put in writing what happened and email it to them. You could say something about that you’re disappointed with the service, you paid in good faith and believe the error lies with them as you know you didn’t do anything to damage the screen.

You should take and attach a picture too. Also worth looking online to see if anyone has had anything similar (either with them or somewhere else) - that might give you an extra bit of leverage.

That’s what I would do anyway, I would keep it polite but dissatisfied. And then if nothing came of it, just chalk it down to experience and not go back there.


Thankyou everybody

I’m going to cut my losses. The iPad still works and it’s an old one the girls use anyway

The problem stems down to me being obsessed with money (massive character defect) so I need to reflect and think does it really matter? How is a broken iPad screen going to impact on me? Is it the worst thing that can happen to me like I’m making out? No it’s not. I need to grow up and move on :grinning:


It’s not going to impact you as much as getting arrested for assault and criminal damage would. It still sucks though :slightly_smiling_face:

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The best revenge would be to write up a yelp review. After they read it, they will WISH they replaced your screen 20 times over.
Also, Apple products are sort of at the point of not being worth the cost. I love Apple but they need to do something

Ill send you 40 bucks mate lol dont get stressed shit happens had to get a molar done crown £498 couple months ago still giving me gip but dentist next week ill mention it see what he can do

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Update- it’s now going mental clicking loads of things on the screen at random. They’re going to have to sort it… as now not working at all :frowning:


Omg have you been back to the shop yet x

Yep they’re sorting it out and putting a new screen on free too :sunglasses:


They make special coatings to put on screens now thats like a wax or resin that hardens to prevent screen cracking. Id just cut losses with the store and go somewhere else. Dont let it rent space in your head. Our minds are our own worst enemy. It can chew us up and spit us out if we dont control it.

That would suck.

Yeah it does

:pray::pray::pray::pray: that’s a total blessing x