Speaking at a meeting

So I am JUST starting my journey. I am curious, do you HAVE to speak if you go to an (online) aa meeting? I have severe social anxiety and can’t imagine I’m ready to talk in front of a big group (about anything not just alcohol). I hope
I’ll get there, just not yet. Also, so happy to be here !


You definitely don’t need to speak at a meeting (online or not). Often times I will just listen to others :slight_smile: I get anxious also when speaking in front of people. So listening sometimes is good for me :slight_smile: Also welcome to the forum! This is a fantastic group of people!

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No. You don’t need to put ur camera on either. In my experience maybe a third of people are just listening with camera off. I think online meetings mean a lot of people who would never go to a irl meeting get a chance to check them out.
And welcome!

No, you don’t have to. If you get called on, you can just introduce yourself and your addiction and then explain that you just want to listen.

Something to keep in mind though, speaking is considered part of “being in service” which is one of the traditions of AA/NA. You may have words that would inspire others without even realizing it!


i’m sure i’m echoing other folks but i definitely recommend at least doing a reading, and then transition to talking your mind. its cathartic! hide your camera if you’re not ready or feel like you’re going to blush. :heart:

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