Spending my nights painting and the money I save not drinking goes on new canvas and paints


Great painting! Love the bold colors :slight_smile: where do u get ur inspiration from for ur paintings?

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Thankyou! Either Pinterest or just what comes to my mind! Since being sober my mind is alot clearer and my mind Is flowing freely now and nothing is getting blocked I’m starting to see life more clearer!


This is exactly what I’m doing too. Was browsing art supplies this afternoon. X



Very cool!! Any meaning or theme behind ur painting?

I love this! I’m still trying to discover my creative side :slight_smile: I normally do dreamcatchers or bake. But exploring other hobbies :slight_smile:


Oh, thank you. I just go with the flow, I think there’s some pent up energy in that one to be honest! Better out than in though.


Love to hear this! I used my sober-savings to pay for martial arts classes and to turn half my garage into a fight gym. Now I am a part-time employee of my school, teaching adult Krav Maga and Muay Thai classes, 4 nights a week.

So getting sober is actually making me money!


Very nice!

My sister not an addict, but struggles with anxiety and depression uses painting as an outlet, if I get her ok I’ll post some of her art, she makes a profit from it but donates it to a local animal shelter.

Most here know I been doing music since I was a teenager, and lost my path when I was just drinking and nothing else mattered. In Rehab I was put on the spot a few times to perform and it’s has changed it’s meaning so much, I got so lost in chasing the dollars, I forgot why I do it, how therapeutic it was, how it was like getting paid to chill with your friends

Keep at it, the creative juices flow more the more you do it, and it will become such a part of you that makes you feel great



After my final relapse I started painting.

Painting was something I talked about doing for many years. As a drunk, I was all talk no action.

Painting gave me something positive to keep myself busy and away from the bars and/or drinking buddies. After detox, I appreciated a steady hand. I listened to recovery related things while I painted. I was able to reflect on what I needed to do to stay sober and became willing to make the necessary changes.

Since then I have been spending my beer money on cameras. Thats been really good for my recovery too.

I recently accumulated enough sober days that my drinking savings is enough to pay for my commercial fishing boat.

I love life now instead of hating myself like I did before I quit drinking.