Spiritual Growth After Addiction

I have re-started my spiritual Journey after Alcohol addiction. I am so close to Jesus after giving up my addiction.

Share your story for encouragement.


All I can say is God is literally doing for me what I could not do for myself.
I have 2 weeks clean in about 3 hours. I have not had this long of clean time from all mind altering substances in many years. And the missing piece all this time was the true connection to my Higher Power (who I call God). Within the past 2 weeks I have been able to say “no” twice to my husband who asked me if I wanted to use. I was able to get through his payday without using and my payday as well. I have been able to work through intense stress with the help of God (and stress is a top trigger for me along with having money). 1st thing I do in the morning is read a passage and reflect on it, pray to God, and stay vigilant on my recovery. Sometimes people wonder if God is real… but I saw the proof in others and I see the proof in myself. God is sooo good!


Wow what an amazing testimony. God will sustain us through this oppression called Alcohol addiction. Kudos to you for saying no to your husband when temptation is right in your face.

I feel the same way. I Thought my addiction was okay because I only drink once a week. But I got a wake up call after my husband and I got into a huge fight.

To sum it up. I was screaming at the top of my lungs cause I was drunk. And he was yelling at me YOU HAVE TO STOP DRINKING. It really woke me up. I I really don’t want to lose my family.

God is so merciful that he has spared me more time to get this thing right and I had a dream that he granted me salvation. It is going to be a tough road to repentance but I want to break up with alcohol for good.

By the way, I am a Domestic Violence Survivor as well which led me to drinking. I used to drink everyday now it’s once a week and now I want to quit for Good



Oh girl I can relate… break my heart to hear anyone go thru abuse :frowning: I also used drugs and drank to cope with trauma and abuse from my past. From my toxic, abusive relationship to the fear and abuse I experienced from working in the sex trade. I managed to escape both of those many years agowuth the help of supports that God put in my path. I finally charged my ex (he went to jail for awhile) and escaped the sex trade for good. But I was still left with all the trauma and ptsd. And I used drugs to cope during and after that relationship and would also use drugs after I made money bcuz I couldn’t live with myself. My husband of 7 years now has said many things over the course of our relationship due to my dangerous actions and stupidity due to drugs. He has given me ultimatums in the past and ultimately I needed to concede to my inner most self that I was an addict, that I had no control, and that God can restore me to sanity. We are survivors like many others on here… and God takes our tribulations of our past and turns them into something amazing! I am so glad ur here :heartpulse: Makes me happy to hear ur on a sober path again!


Wow that is a testimony that can help so many others. I am glad that you charged your ex and I am sorry that has happened to you. It is a terrible thing getting over abuse and it took me years as well to forgive my ex boyfriend of the abuse.

My ex went to jail as well but not cause I charged him but because he beat up another woman.

God has also been my driving force to get completely sober. I am trying to make it through those pearly gates of heaven and have Jesus write my name in the Book of Life.

Today is 8 days sober. I am only a weekend drinker for the most part so I have gotten through my first week and now approaching Saturday.

Let’s keep each other motivated through Christ.



Yes let’s absolutely keep each other motivated :slight_smile: I am sooo proud of you for 8 days! U absolutely CAN get thru the weekend. Keep urself busy, maybe try something new, or go for a nice walk and plz definitly keep us updated with posts over the weekend :slight_smile: Ask for help from this forum or from other positive supports as soon as u get that little thought of drinking. Keep that sober timer going 🫂


2 weeks I’m so happy for you, you really have done well.
You have stayed on track through situations that tested you.
I am proud of you,
so I hope you feel super proud of yourself :hugs:


I have started reading my bible, jesus has been calling me for a while and I’m now listening and making the changes to live the life I was given properly.


That’s amazing. It is not too late for Jesus unless you take your last breath and never knew him.

I have been back in the Bible too and having a lot of dreams.

He has been giving me so many answers.

Amen :pray:t5: