Spiritual healing - What does everyone think?

Just wondering what everyone thinks about practices such as Reiki, Pellowah etc or is it placebo? What about Ayahuasca or kambo? Just all round topics on various type of healings from around the world… Any others yous can think of and opinions? Just googling around having a read…


Reiki is very relaxing. The others I haven’t tried. And I have no interest in Ayahuasca…my tripping days are over. Plus…pooping pants while puking.

Acupuncture is great as well.


The only one I know anything about listed is reiki. I think it’s wonderful, gentle, effective and very real! :heart:


There are disease processes that can be interrupted with Western drugs and surgical treatment. The power of the mind to prevent and treat disease is unappreciated in that tradition.

If it heals you, then it’s effective. I’ll give a small, non medical example. In AA we are taught to pray for people who annoy or anger us, to pray for two weeks that they have health and happiness and all the blessings that we want for ourselves. This seems to work to help remove resentments and repair the relationship.

Here’s the thing, though. I can’t even start praying for the bastards until I am ready to think of them differently. Does the prayer change my thinking, or does changed thinking enable me to pray? Well, it doesn’t matter, the resentment is lifted either way.

To return to medicine, nurses are taught healing touch and how to calm fear and increase the patient’s sense of control and self worth. Some nurses go in for Reiki as a result. It’s human connection that promotes healing.

Spiritual healing, meaning healing a fractured spirit, is essential to successfully treating addiction. If that involves talk therapy or chanting or religious rites or laugh therapy or massage, does it matter?

I used to look for a magic bullet to fix my alcoholism. But in the end, I found the only cure for my dipsomania was abstinence, and the only way that I could stay abstinent and not go crazy was to do the spiritual work in the 12 steps of AA. And to begin, I had to be ready to change.


I’ve just learnt a new word thankyou, it’s such a better, softer word to describe alcoholism. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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You’re awesome

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Way above my head i just go to meetings work my program wish you well


I think body healing is very much spiritual healing because it’s tapping into your felt/spirit sense. If that makes any sense. Bringing awareness.


My stance has always been, if you feel it helps – then it does.

Reiki, for example. I have never had a reiki treatment, but I do find it intriguing and would like to at least give it a shot some day. You can count me as a skeptic, but I am open-minded about it. At the very least, it seems like it’s very relaxing. So, even if the “energy” stuff is hogwash (and I am in no place to say if it is or isn’t, nor do I have a definite opinion either way) – the fact alone that it’s relaxing has it’s own benefits.

Even a more accepted but still often (unfairly) discredited practice like chiropractic. I go to chiropractic, and before I began, I had someone at work telling me it’s quackery. But hey, I feel better after, so to me - it does help, and it does for a lot of people.