Sponser and wife

My wife is sleeping with My sponser. I feel so hurt this is really hard on my sobriety

Wtf man. You can’t be serious!? Fire your sponsor. That’s not the steps or the program I work. Your sponsor is a manipulative POS that cares about nothing. I’m sorry


Damn that pisses me off. That’s low

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No way. Camtasia be. For real?
That’s crazy

Yea it is tearing me up

Not real sure how to get through this. I already have huge trust issue’s

This just seams wrong on so many levels. Fk them u dont need that :poop: or drinking in your life. You deserve better.

Man I sure don’t have answers about your wife. But your sponsor should go! It’s hard to cope in early recovery. With that being said I wouldn’t rush to a decisions. I wouldn’t mind telling your sponsor off for you!!! My prayers go out to you.

Your sponsor is a fraud and not someone who is fit to take anyone through the program. It’s disgusting to be quite frank and I would like to hit the asshole for you but don’t think you should hit him.

Why would your wife do this? She has to answer you seriously, is she carrying resentments towards you? Had you made any amends to her? Can you work through this and forgive her?

Finding a new sponsor is essential now, keep them separate from your personal life. Just cause they’re your sponsor doesn’t mean they are entitled to meet your family etc, it’s anonymous and remember that if and when you pick a new one.

Trust that you will find peace and stay strong through this and show the world what strong armour you have built up.


Oh my goodness… I won’t make any pretense to know or understand how you must be feeling.

I would like to say, my hats off to you for coming here and posting instead of heading straight for a bottle. I think that shows you’ve got your head and heart in the right place. Try to stay here. We are all here with you.

Hopes and prayers for you, friend.


I don’t what to think or even say. I am praying for you. Focus on you and your higher power.


I’m so sorry😔 You’re an amazing person! My thoughts and prayers are with you…

Yes he told me

You poor thing, I am gutted for you. Please don’t use because of what has happened, they aren’t worth it. A pair of shit-bags is what they are!

They have shown their true colours and you are better off without them. They deserve each other, gross.

Take care of yourself medear.

Your sponsor needs help. And he isn’t your sponsor anymore. God, very sorry. Stay strong, committed to your recovery. Learn to trust yourself not to drink. Love yourself enough not to let this sabotage your sobriety.

I too would share this as it’s important to be honest. Think it through and your higher power will guide you on how to get through it. By doing so you will be protecting others from him and even women in the group will know what a predator he is lurking in the rooms.

He does need help himself but it’s up to him to go find it somewhere else away from you. He created this and he should be aware of the consequences if he had truly worked a program which I doubt he has.

Really sorry to hear you have had to endure this but stay strong and you will come out the other side a stronger man.

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