SSRI and relapse?

I currently relapsed. Not a horrific one physically… A two day one after weeks! I honestly blame myself, however I also realized after months of trial and error of SSRI that the meds made everything worse! I switched meds and feel so much better! I researched, and found that SSRI can increase cravings in a mild bi polar episode. I hate drinking! I lived for years working in music that drinking was normal. Met great people, parties, fun… But now it’s not fun! It’s a mechanism for numbing my losses, family, job… has anyone experienced this? I feel great for 15-50 days sober! Then the trick happens! I can’t, and don’t want that drink!

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SSRI’s without mood stabilizers usually make bipolar a lot worse. I learned that one the hard way.
Finding the right med cocktail is worth it, the trial and error part is the worst tho. Glad your med switch helped! Can you try vivitrol or something for the cravings? Mine have gotten a lot better once I got past the first two months. I have faith in you. :black_heart:


My insurance won’t cover the vivitrol! But I got naltrexone. Makes me so nauseous! And insomnia… I want to take it but I’m scared to. Do you recommend I stick with it?

Anyone else experience this?

Yes, SSRIs are not good for people with bipolar disorder. They can actually trigger full psychosis. They’re designed for unilateral depression and/or anxiety.


And any suggestions? I can’t find anyone for help with this. Primary care admits he doesn’t know anything about this… Which I do appreciate.

My brother is severely bipolar and the drug lamictal has worked really well for him. Lithium also worked well as a mood stabilizer for him, but he had some side effects that turned him off of it. Those are the two that have worked best, and he’s tried a lot of different drugs.

Best of luck!


Thanks Tess!

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I currently take lamictal at a high dose and it’s been amazing for me. I take it in conjunction with Gabapentin for anxiety and a few other things and I seem to be the most stable I have been in quite some time.

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And, Vivitrol’s manufacturer has done some kind things with one of my friends. His primary care called them and they gave him his first year of injections free. Might try talking to your pharmacy and or call/look online.