Standing in the middle of the road

I’m reading a book by Joyce Meyer about changing habits, and in it I read quote by Theodore Roosevelt that hit me real hard.

“The best decision is always the right one. The second best decision is the wrong one. But the worst decision, is indecision.”

It hit me because its easy for me to start to negotiate with myself and/or compromise to my social setting or the people around me.

I think all of us with addiction problems that think we can handle moderation have to remember.

“If we stand in the middle of the road long enough we’re eventually going to get run over.”

Stay the course and be strong.

God bless and my prayers are with you all.


How many times do we have to fall for that moderation bs? It doesn’t work…ever. even if by some miracle, you do moderate for one occasion, a binge is soon coming. You Pat yourself on the back for having one or two one night. Then…all efforts go out the window when you wake up feeling hungover and anxious. Spending your last day off sick. Worried about what you’ve done or said while you were plastered. Just recently, I took call for the rape crisis center. I’d obligated myself the night prior and didn’t remember. When they called to roll the phones over to my phone, I had no idea that I’d done that so I did what any self respecting closet drinker does. I pretended I did know and took call on my last day off. It’s a scary thing…not remembering. Losing time I’ll never get back.