Started collecting video games in sobriety

I started collecting video games in sobriety. Mainly because i sold off my collection during my alcoholism. I kind of have a resentment against myself for doing so. Its alway been my favorite thing to do and alcohol took even that away from me.


Hey Paul !

I made the same questionable decisions buddy. Love a video game. Now we’re gonna so how old we are… my most missed is Solar Jetman on the NES. You ?


I miss all the ps2 games i sold off mainly the rpgs

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@paulthegood2 I feel you, man. Every video game I ever sold was such a regret. It’s simply not worth it to sell games anymore. The value just flatlines. I had an original Nintendo DS with a bunch of games on it. Sold all the games. So dumb. Now I have a bunch of kids that are old enough to love those games and I don’t have them anymore. I also had a PSP with an emulator hacked on it with 1000-something retro games (Atari, NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Game Gear, Game Boy, etc). Sold it for like $80 along with some sweet games (FFVII: Crisis Core).

Ugh. Never again. Now I still have my PS2, N64, Wii, 2 Xbox 360’s. We have a Switch. That’s the newest system we have. I don’t really see myself getting a Playstation or Xbox ever again. No time for it.

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It’s great that you are re-building your collection.
I sold some vinyl records i really loved and understand how that feels.
But it’s also great to feel this is a chance to bring back the things we love to our lives.
Personally i think it’s pretty bad ass to get our lives back, makes me feel stronger eveyday.

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