Starting Day 4 No Alcohol or Cigarettes

I am a singer mother of 4 on day 4 of no alcohol and cigarettes. I feel like my life is in slow notional and I can’t wait to get through the day. My kids are young so I am trying to do a lot of low key stuff with them until my withdrawal period is over, but today I stubbled. I focused on every problem and no solutions. I meditated on the past instead of staying present in the moment. I am praying for an accountability sisterhood in recovery as well. Thank you


Right on Carrie, so glad you’re here. Day 4 is tough, but we don’t ever have to do it again. We push forward with this daily battle and we get to live without the insanity. Hugs


Welcome and way to go on day 4! @MoonGarden i found my sober community here and in the rooms of aa.

Checkin and read around often


Iam on my day 5 without alcohol :sunglasses:
Keep on going - You are on the right path

Stick around here! So much inspiring and powerful love spreading in this community :globe_with_meridians:


Welcome, Carrie! So glad you joined this fantastic community that helped me get sober two years ago. Congrats on 4 days freedoms from alcohol and cigarettes!


Aw well done on getting through these first few very tough days. Quitting both is no easy task! I hope you are taking some time to be kind to yourself and rest (as much as you can with kids, I know that’s hard). Even just finding time to get some fresh air with the kids. Have you ready any quitting books, I found they really helped me in early sobriety, and checking in here :heartpulse: keep up the good work!


You are a champ :trophy: I only have one day without alcohol couldn’t have made it without cigarettes It’s next on my list but kudos to you :clap: Hang in there

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All my support from a day 2. At least: you Double me!!! Good job for today!!!