Starting day 5

Morning! 07.48 on this corner of the world. Starting day 5 after a good sleep. Today I have a job’s public act. The kind of compromise that use to be a trigger for me. But I promise all of u that, only for today, I don’t gonna drink. God bless u and thank u for ur help. I need it. And I wanna help u if u want.


Hey there. You can do it. And together we are much stronger! I had a couple of relapses and now I changed my Strategy to become stronger! I have help from someone that goes through the struggle with me. And this makes it so much better. I believe if we all fight together we can do it. Good luck with your job. I’m halfway through day 5 as well. Stay strong

How did it go today?

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At home with family @RedDragon Little nervious in the afternoon, but I had a plan and God made I can do it. Sober and proud. Thank u. Hope u have a good and sober day too friend!


Certainly did, glad all is well and your sober

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