Starting detox on saturday


I have just enough to get me through tonight snd tomorrow. Saturday morning ill do my last dose snd then be starting detox. Im foing 2 hours out of the city to stay with a trusting relative who knows my situation. I won’t be able to get dope up there. Even if i wsnted to i have no idea where to find it. Plus its a small town. I’m hoping i can get through the worst of it there and be able to start subs… wish me luck please. I’ve cut back a lot and my mental state is frail. I’m scared. I’m so so scsred of withdrawal. Absolutely horrified. Everytime i think about it i just start sobbing. I want this. But I’m scared.


Be gentle on yaself take it moment to moment you will do it if u really want to x


Wishing you luck and strength. Talk to us often. I’ve never had withdrawal from anything but nicotine, and I think you’re a phenomenal badass.


Do you have a doctor or nurse involved?


The unknown is always scary, not having control or being able to run away. Well done for doing detox, you’ll be such a better person for it, you have limitless opportunities sober, I wish you the best of luck in your journey. One day at a time


No one knows at all. Never told a soul.


Thank you so much iI’m terrified.


Haha thank you. Certainly don’t feel like one but I appreciate that.


Thank you so much


Whats wrong with quiting today? Are you gonna get sober for life and reap the benefits? Are you gonna get sober and think eventually your going to go back out and “try and moderate”? What is your DOC? You may be wiggin out over withdrawls that may not be bad or take long to detox from. I just see an excuse for that one last time by saturday and its a horrible idea!


Please be aware that Suboxone is VERY ADDICTIVE.

I almost got addicted of them from someone who had a script. Small towns are really bad for drugs too, youd be surprised. True detox is going into a locked facility and checking yourself in and attending meetings if they hold them and talking to a counselor.

I wouldnt consider staying with a relative detox. Detox is very different atmosphere that really makes you think of your choices. They understand your come down and will help you with it. Its very dangerous coming off heroin to some. Even more so after detox and relapsing.

Check yourself into a facility. Tell them everything dont lie your way through or you wont get the help you need. Realitives place would be great after a true detox experience. It changed me and I think of it every single day of how it was and how it helped me with a coke problem and alcohol problem.

Wish all the best for you, attend AA meetings and get a sponsorship, theyre free and willing to help you.

Suboxone will help with a come down but you really have to watch it. Its addictive.


Doing alright today?