Starting my road

Made the hard choice of starting my road to being done. Its my birthday and the choice has been made. Just hope im string enough to keep it up


Happy Birthday and welcome to the first day of the rest of your life :slight_smile: !!!

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Thank u kindly. I dont expect it to be easy but im here to do it

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Some days are harder than others - but that’s life, no?? But the best part is waking up feeling great, not living in fear of what you’ve done (or may have done…or may do…) :slight_smile:

As many say on this forum - take it one day at a time!


Congrats on beginning!

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It’s only been 4 days for me but I feel great bro. My asthma is not bothering me nearly as much as it has been, and the money saved from not going to the bar has been icing on the cake. If you need some short term positivity to get over the initial hump🤙


If u dont mind me asking wat is it that ur fighting wit?

I’m a binge drinker. Don’t compulsively need alcohol daily but when I drink I black out almost every time. It’s effected my marriage so until further notice I’m just wiping my hands clean of alcohol. 4 days in and my relationship feels healthier and my overall mental clarity. What’s your story?

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Also happy birthday brother cheers to new beginnings.

Welcome here and a happy birthday :confetti_ball:
Seems a great day for a sober life to me, congratulations with your desicion!

Welcome and happy birthday!!