Starting over again 2

Day 3 sober and not drinking anymore wine working on eating clean and exercising the longest I’ve gone is 3 weeks.


Good job! I’m stoked you posted and I believe in you! I’m new to sobriety so I don’t really have any wisdom pearls, but keep on rocking :metal::+1::zap::tada: Sending posi vibes to you!

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My fiance is clean from alcohol 8mos 1 day. He used to drink one 5th per day and more if he could. He got caught at both hospitals he worked at for the last 16 yrs and was forced into recovery. He attends AA at least 4 x a week. Are you working a program?

Day 3! Good job pursuing sobriety once again. You know you can do at least 3 weeks, because you’ve done it before. Shoot for 3 weeks + 1 day. When you hit this mark, do another day, and another! You can always do another day. You’ve just done 3 of them!

I am on Day 39 since the last drink I will ever take. I once did 5 years. If I can do 5 years, I can do the rest of my life.


Thank you. I’m not out of the woods yet some of my most challenging triggers are when we go out with friends and everyone is drinking

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I’m not in a program I would call myself a high functioning alcoholic I wasn’t drinking everyday but when I did drink I couldn’t stop

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I’m not out of the woods either. I’ll never be out of the woods. I’ll always be one drink away from a relapse. That’s what sobriety is all about. If I never give myself permission to have the 1st drink, I’ll never have to worry about the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th, which I know from experience, will follow quickly. Not saying it’s easy, but it is simple.

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