Starting over yet again!

My plan was to stop on New Year’s unfortunately I drank myself into a blackout. Extremely scary because I basically don’t even remember how I made it home. I’m 33 and after 17 years of drinking king you’d think I learned my lesson. So here we go day 1. It’s 9pm now and I haven’t had a single drink or cigarette. I plan on posting in here frequently.


Welcome! Yes we all say “you’d think I learned my lesson.” I know I’ve said it at least a million times even when I was your age. That’s the alcoholic that keeps us going back! I’m barely making it they Day 4…again!! Keep posting it helps. I talk on here even if it is just to myself. Lol


What will make you successful this time?

I’m 34, started drinking when I was 18, and I’ll be 1 year sober in about 2 weeks thanks to AA, IOP and faith in my higher power. I threw the whole kitchen sink at my sobriety this time and so far it has worked well, been the best year of my life by far.


Fight for your life… A lot of awesome good people here, good advice and like uhhmmmmm really really supportive , which is awesome and really helpful !
I am fighting every day I hope you will too !


Do whatever you can. So look for extra help like SMART or AA? It helps many people here.
Checking in sober every day helps me. There is a tread at this app were you can do so. Maybe I can welcome you there?

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I’d like that. I did find a schedule of AA meetings where I live so that’s a step for me. This time around I want to stick with attending the meetings and I’d really like to have a sponsor.


This id why when i had so many failures last year i chose to stop for good new years eve which also meant no drinking new years eve for me i chose to start the new year sober and i am still sober but i didnt go out i stayed in and i avoid alcohol at all costs currently and come on here to read as often as i can. Im looking at smart too and looking up AA meetings close to me im gonna give all a go to find what works best for me id advise you do the same :slight_smile: good luck!

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You have lots of great advice already. I just want to add that you can quit just because you want it. You have to work, work, work it. Have a plan. Schedule your day to keep you from having too much free time to think yourself into drinking.

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I’m on day 17 after 9 resets since November 1st, keep on quitting, we are here with you and for you. It seemed easier to quit after the false starts, I did get a new TV stand with the money I saved, you can set the money saved up in the app.

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Wow, we have a lot in common! I’m 33 and have been an alcoholic for 14 years. I also blacked out on NYE. Luckily, I was with my sober boyfriend so I got home safely.

Congrats on getting sober! We’re in this together :slight_smile: