Starting over.,

Sooo. I was 5 days away from being 6 months sober. And to celebrate, (in my head this was completely justified) I thought I’d have a shot of Vodka. Just one. Despite people telling me not to. I listened at first but I’ve discovered how easily I can justify it now and I’m able to manipulate those around me to justify my drinking. It’s disgusting and I feel ashamed, more of how I can convince people it’s okay than the actual drink itself. And as normal it wasn’t just 1 shot or 1 day of drinking. BUT I treated it differently this time and shames myself into stopping. I’m 8 days sober now and getting married in 3. Proud as I can’t imagine I’d be bride material if I was still in that mindset. So much easier to quit tho when you decide.


Congrats on your marriage congrats on being sober congrats on deciding to be sober Sarah. Have a great life! You’ve given yourself the possibility to have a good one now. Enjoy. Hugs.

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I feel you, I had this multiple times e.g. after 3 years of sobriety, I told myself, “just a lil bit” but it ended horrible!

Yea it’s easy to convince others, but it was always easier when others convinced me to drink again!

We need to be strong!!

Keep it up and good luck on your wedding & sobriety!


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Maybe try a meeting they help the program is there for you and when your head tells you your ok the steps will help not to lift that first drink wish you well

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Congratulations on your upcoming union. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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