Starting today - 30 min in

I just decided to download this app. It’s nearly 4 in the morning, and the regret is consuming. I’ve been having so much anxiety trying to stop, but each time I have tried to justify to myself. Nobody knows, and it’s hard to be productive like this. It’s been like 30 minutes. A little bit at a time. I’m going to get up now and have a drink of water. Then I will lay down in bed and then sleep. I have to be up in a few hours. It’s not going to feel good, but I have virtual meetings for school/work. I hope I can say something smart. Maybe I’m going to sleep in. But every time I say this is it, it never is. Just some water, then sleep, then maybe I can get something done. Sorry for the long post and if this sounds really depressing. Like I said, it’s been like 30 minutes and I’m having an insane amount of anxiety. I need to say this somewhere, I’m sorry.

Water, sleep, then maybe work. Water sleep, then maybe work.


Welcome to the community

Its a lovely place and a place where we understands and support each other alot. We are here through the bad and the good times. The ugly and the pretty times. We celebrate together and we “cry” together.

My drug of choice is alcohol, but i can relate alot of you feelings and i can tell you already that alot of people on here can. You are not alone. Aneixty levels are up and down for me. But the day after my bing drinking my anxeity levels are so high that its hard to live with. So i understand you completely.

Currently celebrating double digits on sobriety 10 days. But have had longer periods but relapsed a Number of times. I can assure you that the support on here is priceless especially trough the rough periods. :blush:

Welcome and read as much as you can on here and the searchbar can lead you to many usefull posts that have helped others and it might help you as well you are never alone on here there is always someone to speak to early in the morning, late at night or during the day. :blush::blush: congratulation on making your first move on here and to want a better life for yourself :cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom: you are on the right path. Welcome :blush:. Please use the daily checkin thread there is always someone who responds and we can all follow you on your sober journey :blush:

If you ever need a friend or to write with someone please dont hesitate you can always personal message me :blush:



Hi and welcome remember in theses early days be kind and gentle with yourself and others.:rose:


Don’t be sorry, this is what this forum is for: reaching out for help when you need it and providing help and advice when you can. You made an honest post and it’s clear that you want to stop the behavior that’s hurting you - those are great first steps. And your simple mantra of “water, sleep then maybe work” is good too. When I first stopped drinking, I told myself “no matter what else happens, if I don’t drink today, it’s a good day.” Simple as that. I hope this is helpful and that you’re feeling better tonight :slight_smile:


Welcome! We’ve all been there. You’re not alone - there’s so many good stories and so much good support here. Keep reading & keep checking in - take it one step at a time & remember: progress, not perfection :innocent: