Staying Sober though the weekend

Just have to stay strong today then I have made the first weekend that I can remember SOBER!!


@Milly that was me 3 weeks ago. I struggled the first 2 weekends. This was the third weekend and it was easier. I like to think of it as rewiring my brain. Congratulations!


This is also my first weekend. Day 6 for me. Stay strong! We can do this. I have been feeling better each day.


@Librarylady it’s my first weekend had family over for the first time in two yrs straight it was so nice to enjoy them with out going to run in my room or bathroom to put shit up my nose then my thinking goes in overdrive how I ever was happy doing that . But I am bnot happy with it now but I struggle to not use. Venting sorry stay strong great people on here be proud of everyday you are clean and sober and if you tell your self tomorrow is a new day

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