Still coviding?

Anyone on this site still taking precautions against covid like masking up in public areas?

I am, and still havent gotten sick. though ive seen a lot of people posting they got it for the first time this year.

Strange that this is the world im trying to be sober in.

Please no advice, im not here to debate masks. Just saying hello to any other covid conscious people out there, and wishing them all a good day. :blue_heart:


Depends where I am in the world.
In my little home town, no mask.
When I was in Bangkok, yes mask.
International plane travel, yes mask.


of all places to mask, international plane travel is up there with the best choices! :blush:


I don’t mask up except for at the doctor offices for my checkups and on planes (which I’m rarely on)
Knock on wood- I still haven’t gotten it


I still mask at certain times also. If im on the train and its way overly crowded than yes I will mask. I will also mask at work if anyone is ill. And i will still mask at the Childrens Hospital when my son goes in for appts (even tho they removed the mask mandate for some reason). Its too risky for my son with his medical conditions to risk getting it again. It was bad when we did get it last year.


For me I haven’t gone into a grocery store without a mask since march 2020! I was more relaxed in 2022 and would unmask 1 on 1 or small groups, or go out to eat and wear a mask.

But in 2023 i learned more about long covid and how many people have been disabled by covid. I also learned that people immunocompromised before the pandemic and many with long covid are begging people to mask up in public spaces. So I increased protections and decided to upgrade my masks to kf94s/n95s.

I sometimes do deliveries to the childrens hospital for work and they also took away the mandate…such a reckless choice! that could have devastating consequences for parents and kids who trust the hospitals.


… Nope. I haven’t masked since it stopped being a legal requirement.

Isn’t this topic kinda verging on politics?


I see people sharing their experiences respectfully. covid is politicized, but i dont think there should be a blanket ban on mentioning it.


Dunno… I’m probably among the biggest supporters of the no politics rule on this forum because it just makes it a nice place to interract with one another regardless of our backgrounds and views. Seeking out the ‘covid conscious’ while preparing for a mask debate by saying you don’t want a mask debate while throwing shade on those who are still getting sick and saying there should still be mask mandates… it’s a bit political and mirrors the toxic social media stuff I tend to come here to avoid.

I’m vaccinated. I don’t wear a mask. I did when I had to. I hated the damn things.

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You’re definetly politicizing it though.


Masking when I want to as a precaution.
Have worn masks on planes for the most part for the last 7-10 years.
Good friend who is an infectious disease doc and travelled a lot once said, ‘oh well, of course I am sick, it is expected after being in a plane’.
Have not been sick with anything since 2016. Not one day. Knocking on wood.
We each can do whatever we wish for our own selves.


Hey, I wasnt preparing for a mask debate, and im not having one with you.

I wrote about my own personal choice and responded to another persons comment about hospitals. I havent told anyone in this thread what to do, and im not about to.

My main concern is that ive seen people say even the mention of covid is political, and i dont understand being that restrictive.

Some people used the pandemic to get sober, and others relapsed due to ways their lives changed. Its a part of my life and others lives, as my sobriety was tested when someone i care about recently tested positive and is ill.

I think people, especially those who fell ill or lost someone, should be free to talk about that and express themselves respectfully.


Having had COVID 4 times now Im back to mask wearing and avoiding crowded places.


Straight up I live in a really over populated part of southern Ontario … I was never an anti masker , I followed safety precautions … but at about a year - two years hit into COVID I stopped wearing a mask in public , and practicing social distancing.

I’m not sure if it’s because of my heavy alcohol consumption during COVID but I honestly have never caught COVID once. (Probably killed ALL the bacteria and viruses that entered my system) :rofl::rofl:

Still to this day I have never gotten COVID, or ever tested positive. I rarely get sick .

I don’t think it’s much a big deal but I respect if people want to make it a big deal because I believe people have the right and freedom of choice .

I’ve personally seen COVID do more damages to people’s businesses, homes, income, families, friendships, relationships, mental health, and addictions so I personally chose after years of researching and seeing how it has impacted our society as people to not stand on the side of safety precautions.

I still believe COVID is a real virus that can sometimes affect select people like infants or older people with less stronger immune systems. I still believe in washing your hands and being respectful in public by covering your sneeze or cough in your elbow, and I still believe in staying home if you’re honestly sick with anything to not spread germs. If someone has to desperately go outside with a virus due to personal reasons, then yeah wear a mask.


From what I understand there’s an uptick in COVID cases right now. We live with and care for my 85 year old mother, so for her safety we’ll be going back to masking up again.


I mask when I travel or if we will be visiting my elderly parents, I will be cautious / masked for the week before.

We lost 4 close friends to covid, one was older and had health problems, the other 3 younger than us. The yoga teacher here in town died as well.

I had covid once before vaccines were available (lasted about a month) and once post being vaccionated (felt awful for 2 days). It definitely lingers and I can feel it residually at times when I run. It took a long time to rebuild my lung capacity. I was very scared the 1st time I had it, as usually all illness ends up in my lungs, but remarkably after some initial congestion, it was more debilitating fatigue, head/body aches and fever. The second time I thought my brain was going to explode my head hurt so bad.

So yeah, I mask when traveling. That is how I got it both times.


Oh my god, 4 times! That is horrible. Strong of you to still be here and working on sobriety :dizzy::blue_heart:


Aw thank you, I have an autoimmune illness so Im vulnerable so that probably why I got it so many times. I still have no sense of taste smell a year later :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: so if you can avoid getting it-do!!! :people_hugging:


In Czech republic covid is again being in breaking news. Slowly, but surely this virus again attack us.
I think I never had this virus, or if I had, I didn’t have any symptoms. From Autumn I plan to wear mask in public for my own safety and as well to not be triggered by OCD, so yeah. For now I enjoy air.
From my family only one who had really severe symptoms of covid was my mother. And sadly it happened even twice. She almost in these two times got into hospital, but someone in galaxy protected her. She sometimes talks about, how it was - absolutely no energy, you can’t smell anything, problems with breathing. She named this as “litterally walking corpse, who is still alive”.
I remember times when Czech republic was on first place of European countries who have the most of covid. Some Czech meme communities were making fun of it that Czech republic is at least in something best. xd
So yeah. That’s it. Covid became one of newer viruses, for which we have now vaccination and we know what to do, for which I’m actually glad.