Stop trying to " clear or stop" your mind... meditation

I was so frustrated trying to stop or pause my mind while meditating. I met a Buddhist who is helping along my path.
When I told him of my frustrations he laughed…your brain is part of your central nervous system or whatever you like to call it…can you stop your heart from beating? No…damn …ok starting to get it.

Meditation is about facing issues head on…not “stopping” your mind…I’m learning…this made me feel much better…hope it helps you…love and light your way.


Well yes and no. If my mind is constantly jumping from on thing to the next then how can I meditate? We ground ourselves with our physical senses such as breathing and focus on what we are focusing on. Be it healing or Serenity or nothing.

I think its important to be nonjudgmental during meditation. I simply observe the thoughts and let them go. If I “try” to stop them I’m giving them my energy and feeding into the trap of the egoic mind. If I just observe them it’s like pitting a flashlight on a shadow. They may come up… a lot!! Lol especially with addiction, but mindfulness is like mental jujitsu when were smothered we make space. Space is done by equanimity based observation.

Another way to think about it is redirecting the chattering of the mind to the now. Right now is real, everything else in the past or future is not real and largely a waste of energy. Like having 80 windows open on your pc when you only need one. So grounding your mind through breathing, walking, listening, feeling, seeing ect places you in reality.

Just kinda how I see it, but i suck at meditation lol… I’m like the worst Buddhist ever


I guess you mean while your meditating you let those feelings or thoughts in and then you let them out. Like it’s ok if your mind wonders as long as you get back to focusing on your breathing. Let it happen and bring yourself back. I find my goal is to be at a place of peacefulness without battling with my thoughts and not getting frustrated when my thoughts come in.


Frustration and stress are very hard to over come. I am trying meditation for the first time. It is very hard to do. Good luck on your sobriety.


Much more eloquent…well said…watch it…let it pass.

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I like the guided meditations and that’s what I stick to. It works for me. When your mind wonders. And it will. Just think about your breathing. And you know what? Your mind might wonder again. And again. It’s ok. Just go back to your breathing. Takes practice. Lots of apps out there. I use the Breethe App.

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