Stopped Drinking Today

Hi my name is Carmella I am a mother of two and I am recently going through a divorce, with the love of my life, I’ve been drinking a lot and I’m trying to find all the reasons in the world to stop drinking because the pain won’t stop. When did you finally decide that it was enough for you and enough is enough. I’ve always needed to be told that I was doing good and if I wasn’t told that then I suffered greatly. I am a very loving person and I feel that I need more support to get through this because my heart breaks every single day and knowing that the divorce is going to happen.


The first and most important thing to do is to recognize and admit that your drinking is a problem and needs to stop so well done! I can tell you first hand drinking does not erase pain- I believe it does just the opposite. It’s important to remember that you are worth it and let that carry you into sobriety. Alcohol traps you in a cycle of shame and doubt and I’m here to tell you the alcohol is lying! You can do it! You are much stronger than you know!! Good luck and remember to keep reaching out when you need help.

I’m sorry to hear about the divorce situation. That truly sucks, and I can empathize. My husband and I almost got a divorce as well when I was at the height of my drinking, and making poor decisions. I decided to focus on getting sober, no matter what, and it really paid off. I’m not assuming your divorce is due to the drinking, but if it is, actions speak louder than words. My husband saw me becoming a happier, more confident, loving person and now our relationship is better than ever. I am also a mother of 3 young kids- please message me if you want to talk :two_hearts:

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Sounds like your Love Language is ‘words of affirmation’. mine is also! I need someone to reaffirm my actions when they are good ones and of course my hubby makes it known when they are bad. Drinking during the day and then falling asleep by 6pm is not cool. It’s a problem. Wanting to drink every day hurt me so much. Waking up hungover everyday is horrible. You have to want it. You have to force it. Want to know what my hubby always tells me, do it for your kids!! If you cant do it for yourself, then do it for your kids!! We got this girl, hit me up if you need to talk!

Many of us have been in the exact same place you are at right now. No matter what happens in your life; relationships, job or whatever! Don’t drink!!!

You have to follow through with your no drinking plan. Anyone of us will tell you, true healing can’t happen until you face them with a clear sober mind. Your decision-making ability will be 100% better, and life changing events are happening right now! Don’t let alcohol determine how things will unfold in front of you.

Remember this will be a process! It took many months/years for things to spiral out of control. It may take just as long to repair yourself.

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