Straight edge/Hardcore thread

Flowers and you by Touche Amore

One of my favorite straight edge band back in the days. Still a kicker, still got it on tape in my car :rofl:

Try to cut me down
try to break my spirit
But you will not BREAK ME DOWN

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From Helsinki, Finland, a new vegan edge metal band. Hitting hard, the singer (a woman) even has a few great clean singing parts. Ffo vegan edge metal :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Cageless: Phaneron

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What a band what a song, if you like punk…

New track from one of the best modern straight edge band: Magnitude


New EP (two songs) from swedish Times of Desperation :metal:t2::muscle:t2::blue_heart:

When i was 14/15 we (tried to) played this. We had a music facillity at school we could use.
This was also the times where alcohol and smoking pot started. Needless to say, we weren’t much into straight edge.
But we liked the music. Still good times. Still love all their music.


My favorite old school punk/hardcore band. Everything they’ve done is a classic :blue_heart:

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The new Magnitude is going to be sick :blue_heart:

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Incredibly good newcomers, Absolute Truth, from Chicago

Ffo of typical straight edge hardcore sound


Just listened to the whole album. Pretty fuckin good!

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Ahhhh I am listening to it right now, already three times in a row (ok, easy when it’s only 19mn :grin:).
The birth of a modern classic :facepunch:t2:

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No current ones but, in my opinion, you CAN’T go wrong with some of the OG bands of that genre and the 3 BEST, in my opinion:

Minor Threat
Youth of Today
Gorilla Biscuits

However, I was a punk rock skateboarder in the '80s so … I’m a wee bit (not so) partial. And I was NOT Straight Edge, then, so THAT oughta tell ya it’s great music!


You surely can’t go wrong with these !
You don’t have to be straight edge to appreciate these bands. The quality of their music speaks for itself, and they are so inspirational in many other ways than the basic XXX
I was friends with skateboarders in the early 90s, they get me into these bands, and melodic punk hc bands like Pennywise, Bad Religion or NoFX. I still love all of them.