Straight edge/Hardcore thread

Bim bam boooooom :facepunch:t2:
xDELIVERANCEx EP is throwing bricks

A straight edge war is announced for November in Paris, count me in, big time :raised_hands:t2::muscle:t2::facepunch:t2::v:t2::metal:t2:


Hey you live in Paris? You should check out the gig of Chain Whip. They play there this tuesday in a place called Le Klub. I had been looking if i could find a flight to go see. But than decided against the whole idea. But it’s a cool band, not straight edge i think, but worth checking out

I live one hour from Paris yes. And I’ve been to Le Klub many times. Not my favorite place! I wasn’t in France on Tuesday anyway. I’ll check them, thanks!

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Wow didn’t know this band. Video of their last gig. I got excited!

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Bosses are back with an EP

May I add some french (female fronted!) xvx powerviolence/hardcore, Iron deficiency

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This is classic i guess, but i just heard it for the first time a few weeks ago. Love it!

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Yes it is! One of my favorite sxe album. And one of the first I’ve heard back then.
The other group with same singer Pat Dunbar (mindfunk singer btw) and same drummer before Uniform Choice is great too, UNITY. So uplifting and positive :blue_heart:
This EP is from 1985!

I was listening to Path of Resurgence, xvx female fronted band from Switzerland :v:t2:

Was hoping this thread would pop up in my past recovery hardcore was always my goto, think its about time it made a return.

Ill try and link a few NZ hardcore bands for you guys to check out too


Today is edge day, happy edge dayπŸ₯³
We need a classic, i mean THE classic anthem :heavy_multiplication_x::heavy_multiplication_x::heavy_multiplication_x:


New Iron Deficiency, from Lyon, France. So awesome. I saw them yesterday live, a blast

Divine Sentence : As this XVX swiss band says, female fronted is not a genre :grin:, anyway they dropped a bomb with this EP

I got something for the more classic sound lover too :sweat_smile:, Statement of Pride


Ohh that statement of pride is going on my running playlist. Thx!

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Yesss! Florida Hardcore, it’s a good thing to support your local scene :wink::v:t2:

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SS Decontrol, Boston 1982

iconic cover

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Vitamin X, not really a favorite of mine, but much respect for them keeping rocking for so long already. One of these fairly famous all over the world, but strangely unknown in own country bands.

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New Statement of Pride EP, :ok_hand:t2:

Classic old school positive straight edge sound, one of my favorite, INSTED

Nice documentary on the band

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Bane : Calling Hours

feat. Pat Flynn from Have Heart, David Wood from Down to Nothing, Walter Delgado from Rotting Out and Reba Meyers from Code Orange

Forget the who, the what, the when, the where, the why
Did you love something with all of your might

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