Straight edge/Hardcore thread

Bim bam boooooom :facepunch:t2:
xDELIVERANCEx EP is throwing bricks

A straight edge war is announced for November in Paris, count me in, big time :raised_hands:t2::muscle:t2::facepunch:t2::v:t2::metal:t2:


Hey you live in Paris? You should check out the gig of Chain Whip. They play there this tuesday in a place called Le Klub. I had been looking if i could find a flight to go see. But than decided against the whole idea. But it’s a cool band, not straight edge i think, but worth checking out

I live one hour from Paris yes. And I’ve been to Le Klub many times. Not my favorite place! I wasn’t in France on Tuesday anyway. I’ll check them, thanks!

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Wow didn’t know this band. Video of their last gig. I got excited!

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Bosses are back with an EP

May I add some french (female fronted!) xvx powerviolence/hardcore, Iron deficiency

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