Stress triggers

What do you do when all this stress and triggers come at you all at once?


I call someone in my recovery group. I joined an SA group in my city and I have a list of phone numbers of group members; when I am struggling I call them, I share my pain and my fear, and I get empathy.


Maybe you can share some of it here? If we can empathize or offer advice we’re happy to :innocent:

I’ve been working on slowing myself down. Literally walking away to be by myself for a moment and doing some deep breathing. Bonus points for fitting some nature in there. Sounds corny but it helps me.

Welcome to our lovely community Cheryl
When i feel overwhelmed with stresses and triggers, I try to do some deep breathing. I reach out to supportive family and talk it out. I find this community has been super helpful at listening and providing support.
I do also find that meditation and prayer have helped me calm down. Sometimes i need the opposite - like shadow boxing or brisk walking to let out the aggression.

We are here for you. Do not sit with the overwhelming feelings - find a healthy way to relate to them and release them.

I usually try to find a healthy outlet for it. I enjoy running and writing and weight lifting so if I’m extremely frustrated I’ll try those.