Strike 2 on probation

I’m so fucking livid right now, I was just bailed out of jail this was my 2nd strike my 3rd one I can end up doing so serious time! I was at the Pride festival and parade was having a great time the whole day. My sobriety was a piece of cake! Till the near end when a gay guy thought his drunk ass would get away with disrespect my friends and I. He got all in my face and spitted in my face so I started swinging! I didn’t stop till the cops pulled us off. I left him beat up pretty bad and got arrested. I’m pissed off because he started it and he didn’t even get arrested! My mom is so disappointed in me right now she doesn’t even want to talk to me. I just fucked up again.

Round here spitting on someone is classified as assault. As disgusting as it is, and as difficult as it can be to walk away that would have been the best course of action. You’d do well to talk to a lawyer as they may be able to get it scratched, dismissed or of lesser consequence. Shout out to @Englishd as I believe he was a law professional at some point and he may have more to add.

Don’t let this be an excuse to make it worse and get drunk. You fought hard for sobriety, don’t let all that good work get spoiled. Pray for serenity.


My lawyer was the one that bailed me out. I technically should have been in there longer but he got the consequences to be less harsh as so to only take a 2nd strike instead of doing some time. If he would have just been cussing or saying words calling names I would have never done anything but spitting is just taking it to far!

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As you well know, drunks do some pretty disgusting things.

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I would definitely stay in contact with your lawyer. A friend spit chew in my face once. He ended up in the hospital. Shit happens. Hell, it’s Texas, everyone should be happy the guns didn’t come out. I wouldn’t worry to much.