Struggling 6 months sober & clean

Hey guys how are you all I have 6 months of sobriety and am struggling with feelings of anxiety and depression / Moodyness my question is what tools do you guys use to get out of this stuff? It’s hard for me to resist the urge to use or drink when I’m in these moods.

Thanks for your help !


You may need help for the depression and anxiety from your doctor. Just remember how shitty you felt before sobriety and hopefully that will deter you.

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I struggle with depression and anxiety and dealing with it sober hasn’t always been easy but some things I do…mindfulness, yoga, exercise, meditation, practice gratitude and talk to sober friends at meetings or on here. Your doing so well, keep going, drink and drugs will only compound the depression and add in a whole tonne of guilt and regret. Xx


Nice thx for this I’m on my way to the beach right now.


Thx for your help everybody :sunglasses:

Hi mate ,I’m nearly 13 months in and I get the same , I get bouts of anxiety and depression where I think "what’s the point " …but I’ve learnt to dig deep and i know it’s just the illness working me , I’ve got my goals and i think about that when I’m thinking of using or drinking , I think that you have to look at the bigger picture and think is my life better now ( even though I have my bad days)…I know my life is far from perfect but Im managing it and I feel proud of myself for fighting this addiction…hope this helped mate :grin:


I have clinical depression and generalized anxiety disorder, a lot of people here probably have the same and Alcohol makes it 10x worse. I would go to the doctor, if you don’t have insurance there are affordable prescriptions through “the good Rx “ app it saves me a lot of money. Exercise also helps, just a 30 minute walk can make your mind feel better and less stressed. :blush::blush::blush:

I take wellbutrin twice a day and a small dose of citalopram for migraines. I still battle with depression, anxiety not so much and now guilt but it doesn’t last as long. I try and keep active or I start to overthink.

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Hey Joseph, enjoy the beach! You might want to go to the doc and see if there is something askew. I take Synthroid for a bad thyroid. When the dose gets off it really puts a lot of pressure on my sobriety in terms of thoughts and cravings. About 10% of the population have thyroid issues.

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You guys are all so much help and so amazing… I’m grateful thanks !!