Struggling for real

it’s my first6 hours of sobriety, and I’m really not feeling good, I hope I can make it through this anyone got a good advice

Welcome! What is your drug of choice?

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crystal meth and weed

No matter when you decide to quit there is gonna be this feeling. Why not get it over now. Man play some video games or something that keeps your hands busy but doesn’t take to much thought. You will make it through. It sucks but we have all been there.

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Just chill-lax and detox. Watch tv and endulge in food if you can. Hydrate and drink plenty of water. Take your phone and delete all numbers and people associated with it. Sometimes this may whipe out everyone but a few people your not even close to anymore. Dont worry about never using again or tweekin for it just stay sober today. Eventually you will feel the grip let go and reap the benefits health wise being sober… Hang in there. Maybe just sit in on a meeting and just listen.


Good sleep tonight I won’t be doing any more tomorrow

thanks, one thing I know for sure is that a sober me is much better than a high

thanks man, I’m gonna try to see a good sleep tonight and hopefully not have to much anxiety tomorrow and not freak out