Struggling hard lately

Hey it’s been awhile but i have almost hit 600 days sober from alcohol, Tell me why i feel so guilty feeling like i sometimes am staying sober for everyone else but not really myself i mean obviously this is important to me but sometimes i just feel like i’m screaming and nobody can hear me, screaming how unfair it is that i cant drink and have fun responsibly like everyone else and screaming why the hell am i doing this for if my anxiety is still keeping me from doing things, and controlling me? What’s the difference then when the alcohol was controlling me? I just need advice :frowning: i miss drinking sometimes and i feel so guilty for that


600 days!?! That’s awesome!

600 days of owning yourself and your life! Freedom from all the shit that alcohol brings, how excellent!

But it seems it is not 600 days of being free of anxiety and other hard things in life. That sucks and I’m sorry you are having a hard time.

What helps you with anxiety? We know alcohol will make it worse over time, so other solutions are what we need for anxiety. I say we because I struggle with it too.

I’m finding some relief with some exercise I enjoy and regular sleep habits. It’s not perfect, but it helps. I also try to avoid situations that I know will make it worse. I also tell the people around me when I am struggling so they don’t think I’m crazy or rude, just really not feeling ok. Once in a while I use a low dose of medication.

I hope you can find some solutions that help you. Your sober time of 600 days is an inspiration. Thank you for sharing.


600 days is amazing!! What helps me is to think its not the alcohol i miss its the escape so then i question what am i wanting to escape from and attempt to deal with that


Congratulations on 600 days! You’re an inspiration to me.

I haven’t been there yet, but I imagine it’s normal to struggle as you get further from your sober date. At only 63 days myself, I can freshly recall the hangovers, the post drinking anxiety, the guilt and shame, the depression, etc. I can see all that sobriety is giving me because of my choice to be sober, as opposed to what I’m missing out on. Maybe there’s something there you can tap into?

Just a thought! You’ve been through 600 days and nights. You can do this!


Congrats on 600 days, that’s amazing!

Have you worked on addressing the underlying issues that first caused you to drink? If you just stop drinking and don’t work on the reasons you drank, it can be an extremely frustrating cycle. Not saying that’s what you’re doing, but just a thought :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow!! Congratulations on your 600 days…that is amazing!!! :heart::birthday::heart:

I know for myself that my anxiety and inner critic was alive and well (and often still is) if I do not look at the reasons I was using escape / drinking / drugs / avoiding feelings. And it was around a couple of years sober that my inner anxiety ramped up and I felt hyper vigilant a lot. This was my body saying deal with your stuff.

Are you doing any therapy …talk… body / breath work…journaling… Physical movement… Stillness … Meditation / mindfulness. All have been and are helpful to me to come to a place of peace / acceptance / compassion for my self…especially as they relate to anxious thoughts and feelings in my body / mind.

It is a big change and learning our why’s and how we can self soothe can be a big help. :heart:


I’m at 600 days and absolutely love sobriety! I participate in a lot of recovery communities. What’s your recovery program look like. There is such a thing as a dry drunk (pardon that term). Sobriety is more than just not drinking, though that’s a requirement. Glad you are here.


@Alexandranicole it sounds like you may have stopped doing the things that you first did to remain sober. You have lost your sense of self in your journey somewhere along the way. Perhaps you need some time to do something just for you. Something that makes you feel good. Guilt is such a wasted emotion. It sucks the joy out of every moment. You deserve to rediscover joy. You need to be sober for no one but you. And that takes self love. Begin doing things for you and watch how it changes the way you feel about yourself.

Love Ree :heart: