Struggling. ISO Sponsor. Or peer to bounce issues

Hey everyone,

Im finding it harder than I thought. I think if I had someone to talk to it would help. Someone to answer to. If that makes sense. I’ve had this independent streak for so long and alcohol has been my way to cope. I’m just having a hard time breaking away from the habits. Finding excuses to drink is so easy. Anyway, if someone out there would want to help I would appreciate it. Hope everyone is having a good night.



Hey Billy, everyone on here is willing to help bud. Hang around s bit and read all you can.
You will find out that it is hard to stop drinking because we have been using it as s crutch for so long that it’s all we know.
So you have to work at creating new pathways in your brain. Teaching yourself how to not pickup.
It isn’t easy mate.
It all comes down to how much you want sobriety and how much work you are prepared to put in.
Stick around.


Hey Billy. I am new to all this and am on day 21 of being sober. I have been struggling to find any support available in my area so I have reached out seeking support through online communities. I am more than happy to listen or chat if need be. I know that i am new to all this so I do not have as much experience as others but i do know that even just having someone to talk through my thoughts with…say them out loud so to speak.


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One of the offerings of the AA program is the mentoring offered by a sponsor. Another key factor is the fellowship, the friends that you meet.

I don’t know about other programs like SMART or Refuge Recovery, but you can find out if they have similar advantages. :pray:


What are those programs?

They are alternatives to AA as far as local group support.

I actually need more like NA but I will look into those. The town i live in doesnt really offer anything I am able to attend

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How many days sober do you have? What were the common triggers that caused you to drink? has every sort of meeting imaginable. Also, I meant alternatives from a 12 step solution format so they are alternatives to NA as well. 12 step programs worked for me.


Thank you for the clarification and info…like I stated I am very new to this and have had a little difficulty locating resources!!!


Michelle I guarantee you that your are inundated with recovery programme options around Kentucky.
Google AA near me, NA meetings near me and smart recovery meetings near to me and you will be flooded with options. Maybe less smart options but they have a good online programme.
These things are free to cheap and will help you immensely on your journey.
I bid you good day. :+1::+1::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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I need it to be in harrodsburg and walking distance as I have no transportation

And i absolutely googled all those things as well as emailed for additional information

You can also call the nearest AA service center and they can probably have someone pick you up for a meeting


This is your local Intergroup. They can help you out.


SMART Recovery, to my understanding, is a scientifically based, step wise approach to getting sober. There’s a workbook and meetings. Refuge Recovery and Dharma Recovery are Buddhist approaches to recovery, again using steps and principles. They have regular meetings of members.


I know I am ignorant to the subject which is why I have sought out information from other sources but I know the both NA and AA are from the same 12 step format but being that alcohol has never been an issue (i don’t drink) but drugs are and have been would I not need NA snd not AA??? Lexington is not an option for me it is approximately an hour away from where I am. The closest place I have found that I csn locate meetings for NA is in Danville which is still about a 15-20 min drive again I dont have transportation of the funds to pay for such things as uber. Im asking questions because I don’t know the answers.

I will be looking into all the groups and information provided. Also to answer today made 21 days clean and sober of all substances


AA is increasingly more tolerant of drugs these days. It’s been my primary program for over a year after doing both programs for almost a year

Plus if you are trying to get sober I recommend not drinking as well. It’s real easy for addicts to replace one drug for another. I know NA treats alcohol the same as any other drug and is a program of complete abstinence from all drugs that aren’t prescribed by a doctor