Struggling lately

So latly ive been struggling with keeping my mental health positive. Me and my “bf” which we still live together but are currently taking a break. Things have been rough there between us. I have to the end of november to move out of my grandmals home who passed away in febuary. And my mother disowned me because of my bf that i have been with for three years. She doesnt like him so therefore she wont support me. My dog who is my baby is filling up with cancerous tumors. I had a breakdown on sunday and so wanted to self harm but i went for a drive and drank a coupel beers instead. Just needing soms positive words to keep from self harming and to keep my sanity. Thanks!


Yikes man, that’s so awful. You’re being so strong through all of this, I hope things turn around. Please make sure you’re taking good care of yourself and making time for your favourite things.

Ya i dont do that. Everytime i try to do something for me it gets ruined some how.

With so much to deal with, I’m sure you feel like you’re barely keeping it together sometimes.
Just keep reminding yourself (over and over; a hundred times a day/hour if you have to) that no matter how bad things get, it will pass. Your most important job is to keep breathing.
(Fresh air and ice cold water usually help a little.)

I’m sorry to hear about all you’re dealing with right now, and I understand how hard it is to stay clean as well as stay away from other addictive/harmful behaviors. I only have a few months clean from drugs, but just over a year since I last cut myself… and I know there are times that craving is stronger than for heroin! All I try to do when I catch myself thinking about cutting is how strong I’ll feel after I’ve made it through my current crisis without hurting myself; how as much as I’d like that instant gratification, working through the sadness/panic/fear and handling it in a healthier manner… as hard as it is in the moment, I can promise you how amazing it will feel when you survive the challenge unscathed. Also, I know from my own experience that every time I feel hopeless answers want to cut, I can remember that amazing feeling and it gets a bit easier every time.
I know I usually cut when I feel worthless and weak; taking control of your impulses is the first step and you’ll feel better in the end I promise. You’re precious… don’t let other people hurt you… and don’t let your sadness make you hurt yourself either.
Sorry I wrote s novel; I’m new to this forum and just really felt connected to our struggles. Best of luck and hit me up if you ever need a friend☺️❤️

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I am really trying but its getting harder and harder everyday