Struggling to find motivation for hobbies

The sole reason for my constant relapse. I’ve been interested in writing stories, digital art, and programming, i even feel like i have passion for those. But i can’t seem to feel motivated anymore since my addiction, most of the time when i sat down and tried to do those hobbies all i can feel is my brain trying to make me do the addiction. “I can’t do this without motivation” or “It’s not a good use of your time” my brain told me every time. Anyone have an answer to these moments? Some way to get a burst of motivation to get started?

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Some of the best advice I got when I got sober was simply “don’t think, don’t drink”.

I don’t know what your addiction is, but the same rules apply. Put the idea out of your head as a non-starter.

You don’t have to use to do anything. Do some art or simply don’t and be comfortable in not doing it at that moment. Never know when the inspiration will come, but if you’re sober you’ll be more adept to translate it onto the medium of your choice.


The damage we do with consumption alters the natural production of substances in the neurotransmitters in our brain. Imagine how harmful addiction is, that makes us enter depressive pictures where it makes us believe that consumption is what we need to be well, and to be able to live a normal life, an ephemeral moment in exchange for your mental health. If you have had a long season of consumption it is very possible that the chemical production of your brain is unbalanced, the only way that everything will take its course again is to stop consuming. The longer you are clean, the more healthy you will be and it will pick up those positive things within you that inspire you.

The best way to get over a creative funk is to DO something. Don’t listen to your brain when it says where to start or what project to do first. Just CREATE. Try starting with simple. I did some doodles in my journal and had so much fun I’m looking forward to doing more.

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