Struggling w/ coping with anxiety without self medicating

I’m 28 days clean from opioids (suboxone & Oxycodone) and benzos (Xanax, klonopin, ativan) also an 8th of pot a day which I consider my drug of choice but I have horrible anxiety, that’s where the pills came in. I know this should be in the forums but Does anyone have any methods that work good for anxiety?

I constantly surround myself with Alcoholics Anonymous. Meetings everyday, calling my friends from the program, reading the big book, talking to my sponsor, doing the 12 steps. Looking back 2 years ago when I was drinking, I can’t believe how I used to function with such high level of stress. Today I am much more comfortable with myself and life in general.


@Bubbascoo Im almost in the same boat. Im coming off methadone but I still have to take some other pain meds and anxiety. I am 3 1/2 days in dts but I gotta give Kratom a ton of credit. Also lopermaidie works as a mu on the receptors amd helps a ton with rls. I have other tips if these intrest you. We can do this. Im sitting here at 2 am wide awakebut its nice to have this place to keep me company.

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Meditation has helped me as well as yoga. I try to live in the moment, and meditation has helped a lot with that. Whenever my thoughts wonder off to a bad place, or I get stuck thinking about the past or future I just remind myself to take a deep breath and try to focus and enjoy what is happening right now. I also deal with crippling anxiety, so much so I developed agoraphobia (fear of leaving the house in fear of getting panic attacks). I never took medication for it though, other than drowning my sorrows and anxiety in alcohol. After being sober for awhile the anxiety is less intense and I am slowly getting out of my “comfort zone”. You should try meditation though.


I just wanna thank everybody for the replies I wasn’t expecting all the feedback this morning it means a lot! The meditation is something ive always wanted to try so I will definitely do that. & As for the kratom and other things I’m not seeing my old drug dealer doctor so I can get Prozac now and that’s it. I was looking at tons of stuff about a drug called gabapentin. I also know people that swear by kratom but also traded their addiction for that so I’m skeptical as I will abuse whatever makes me feel good if I’m being honest right now. The meetings are also required as I’m in an outpatient program right now but working the 12 steps seems to be the key of sustained sobriety. I’m also 19 years old though so I feel pretty out of place in them although I still force myself to speak (getting out of my comfort zone) I’m starting Prozac today and its helped in the past but I relapsed and stopped taking it so I’m open minded now. Thanks again for all of the support it means A LOT to me in my recovery.


Just remember the 4 weeks of sobriety. Those are very important! If prozac works and you really need it then do it.