Struggling with nights 🌙 Cbd help?

Im really happy open the curtains for the day. Sun is shining. I put kettle on and go out and look at my plants :potted_plant: gardenings helping me with everything else but at night im going mad. I used to smoke myself to sleep. Its like im scared to sleep. Somethings blocking me. Since quiting ive found myself going mad.
Should i try cbd for nights.
I wake up at 4am every time without fail god knows why and falling to sleep is bad ive been on p sleeping tablets for 3 mknths still no improvement.
What cbd products for nights does anyone recommend. Im desperate to get through this

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I’ve personally had some luck with full spectrum cbd oil before bed. It has a mild relaxing effect on me and makes me feel comfortable enough to fall asleep.

Not CBD but ive been taking 2 melatonin gummies everynight to pass out and its really helped.


My bed time cocktail: a huge glass of electrolytes, a magnesium supplement, 2 melatonin gummies, and 2 green gummies (all the good nutirients green veggies give you). For some reason, that knocks me out fast and I sleep all night long.