Struggling with some decisions

Im struggling with mainly one thing right now and thats my current treatment for addiction. 107 days ago i said enough and finally reached out for help… i ended up at a facility called brightview and was placed on suboxone as part of my treatment. At first it was definitely needed i think to get me to where i am now but now im struggling. I really dont want to feel like this anymore, at first it made me feel normal but now i just want to feel it all if that makes since. Suboxone makes me feel " high " sorry if that’s a trigger for anyone, truly. I think its time i start slowly coming off of this so i can really feel life and feel what its like to completely be off of every substance. My biggest fear is that i will start having cravings etc. I know theres the vivitral shot ( i might have mispelled that) so im thinking of that possibly after i wein off of the suboxone. Has anyone had any experience with this? Im going on my fourth month being on it.


Hey Billy 107 days is fantastic. I cam totally understand wanting to feel all the feelings. Its what makes us human and in touch with ourselves. I am not familiar with the medications but would imagine that suboxone is not meant to be permanent. Should discuss with your doctor to see when you can safely wean yourself off of it and if they suggest anything to try afterwards? You have been putting in the work and have gathered many tools for your sobriety tool box so dont letcthe fear of possible urged keep you from moving forward.
Hopefully someone with more experience with this medication can help more. Wishing you the best of luck in your recovery.

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Morning Billy
Have you had a chance to talk with your doctor regarding possibly weaning you off of the meds?

Hope you are having a great Friday and finding a balance with work / life. :melting_face:

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