Stubborness working in my favor for once

Usually stubborness gets in my way, it’s one of my worst traits, but it’s part of what’s keeping me sober from debting and compulsive spending. I absolutely refuse to reset my sober date! Hope that’s not knocking on the door to my other really bad trait…perfectionism. I’m gonna go with it’s just how serious I am about this finally. I’m at day 28!


Stubbornness was a big reason I kept going when I knew it would have been easier to use.
By the time I’d got past the " oooh look at these days clocking up!" euphoria and into the " I could really do with a drink" period, I was too stubborn to give up what I had gained, because I knew how hard it had been.

Exactly! It feels pretty good.

none of us will ever be perfect but trying to get even remotely close is better than not trying at all.


I’m the same with stubbornness and perfectionism! Congrats on your progress! I’m at 4 days but I REFUSE to hit reset even one more time. It’s NOT happening! I’m sincerely done and I’m sure there are people who doubt me and are skeptical, but I’m beyond determined at this point!


Stick with that attitude no matter what! No matter how much the little voice is egging you on!
Well done.

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Great job! Determination goes a long way!

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